Dean Walker has more than 23 years experience selling directly to boutique retails stores, independent, natural foods, and conventional grocery stores.

In the 1990’s, Dean launched a line of organic cotton clothing and marketed that clothing line along with nearly a dozen  other eco-friendly apparel lines as part of Dean Walker Sales. Dean soon discovered his best customers were the independent and natural food stores. Dean developed a contact list of over 1,000 retail business in a territory stretched out from San Diego to Seattle.

In 2001, Dean helped launch Peet’s Coffee and Tea’s Direct Store Delivery Grocery Department. For nearly 15 years Dean worked with Peet’s, where he opened up new grocery accounts, negotiated placement, executed a wide rage promotional programs, and developed long-term relationships. Dean was a two time recipient of the “Pride of Peet’s” (Salesman of the Year) award, with personal annual sales in Sonoma county exceeding more than $1,250,000.

In 2015, as Sales Manager at Torn Ranch Dean helped refresh their brand and create a new specialty grocery department.  In the two years Dean worked with Torn Ranch, he helped bring Torn Ranch’s products in more than 250 new independent and natural foods grocery stores, along with some boutique retailers and wineries. In 2016, Torn Ranch launched an all new snack food line. In the first year of Torn Ranch’s new product launch, Dean personally brought in nearly $400,000 in grocery related sales, mostly in Northern California.

Today, Dean is working together with PCS Gourmet Foods, brands like Torn Ranch and other emerging specialty food and beverage businesses, along with hundreds of specialty grocery and boutique retail stores throughout Northern California. “Building Brands Together”.