Building Brands Together

Dean Walker Gourmet


Is a specialty food and beverage brokerage firm that works with emerging brands to help them succeed. I provide direct sales support throughout Northern California.

Dean Walker Gourmet works in association with PCS Gourmet Foods, “A Brand Incubator”. PCS Gourmet Foods looks to identify start-up and emerging brands and helps take them nationwide.

PCS Gourmet Foods focuses on 6 key areas- pricing, branding, packaging, logistics, sales, and marketing. For more information about PCS Gourmet Foods, please visit their website at

Together, with PCS Gourmet Foods, Dean Walker Gourmet gets your product onto the shelves of thousands of stores and into the mouths and hearts of discerning consumers nationwide.

Above, visit the “Brands” page to see my current lines. Several additional brands coming soon.  Also, follow my blog postings at Dean Walker Gourmet on Facebook and ride shot-gun with a specialty food broker working throughout the Northern California area. Check-out the stores I sell to, ask questions about the products, watch videos, and look for pics of the beautiful Northern California scenery from my life on the road. Thanks!


(Would you like a Sunflower Seed cookie? Dean Walker doing a demo for Cultures for Health and Grace’s Best cookies at the Sebastopol Hardware Center in Sebastopol, California.)



“Dean is an extremely accomplished sales professional that clearly understands how to build a very thriving and lasting business relationship with his key contacts. He succeeds with integrity, a strong business acumen and a humble but aggressive demeanor.

I highly recommend Dean Walker to anyone looking for a solid sales professional.”


Ron Beltramo – Sr. Director Sales at Peet’s Coffee

“Dean is a proven reliable force in consistently growing specialty food sales. His deep understanding of the marketplace and his commitment to mutual success for the both retailer and vendor is exemplary. He takes ownership and uses his skills to secure the best possible multiple placement of product in each store ensuring maximum turns.”

Mark Ebling

President, Ebling Holding Company, Inc.